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Medical Application for iPhone/iPod (Med Student Must Have it)

There is many medical application available to download in iTunes but which one helps more? Especially for medical student who are still not familiar with medical term, stuff and disease. So, today I want to show you one simple medical application that are really-really and really helping and for sure it's free.

The app is Medscape

So, what we have inside this app.
  1. Thousand of drug database for medical treatment (updated)
  2. Disease review (complete with clinical sign, DD, treatment, medication, pathophysiology, complication, contraindication and many more)
  3. Clinical Procedure and examination
  4. Drug interaction
  5. Medical article
easy and friendly menu interface

I will review one by one function on this app that can helps us more. Check it out!

Just take a look on this screen-shot review. For me learning and describing by picture is easier than an essay. So we take a NSAID (Non Steroid Anti Inflammation Drug) as an example on this subreview.

This friendly-interface menu allow us to search any drug we want easily. So, after we select celeloxib as a drug we want, this menu will appear;

So just tab on what choice you want. Whether dose, pharmacology, interaction, side effect, contraindication, brand name or cost. It's very easy and helpful.

Worried the drugs information are outdated? This application will updated every time and there is more than 6000 generic-brand drugs, and herbals inside.

Its interface just same like drug interface, easy and friendly. So we take rheumatoid arthritis as our example.
There is complete medical information each disease you want.

Some medical information screen-shot;
It have almost 3,200 disease information inside. Worried these information are wrong? Don't worry, every information come with its own references.

reference for every information

Just same as before, easy and helpful.

Some drug have interaction if they combined. By this apps, you can choose what drug you want to prescript and check whether it have interaction each other or not. Some screen-shot
interaction between agonise and antagonise opioid drug

Updated medical news or journal from physicians, specialist, pharmacies, researchers around the world

On this version (2.0), it also enhance with multimedia tutorial such pictures and video. But this tutorial need an internet connection to view it.
mouth to mouth ventilation (CPR) pictured tutorial

Ok, this application compatible with all iPhone OS >3.0, iPod Touch and iPad and can be download from iTunes. Free of charge and you need to have Medscrape account by signing up when your first time launch the app-and it also free of charge. Then just follow some simple instruction to finish the installing process. On this time you need internet connection to download the information. Only takes 15 minuted depend on your connection.Piece of cake, just follow the instruction.

Am I need internet connection to use this app?
No, you can use it offline. That why you need to download first all the information when your first time launch it. You just need an internet connection when you want to update the database and news. So if you lost in Amazon, you still can use this app.

How to update the database?
Just with one tab, it will update automatically itself.

Hope this information can helped all of you to have an useful app. Sorry if my English bad, and whoever already try this app, just share with us. Sharing is caring. Enjoy your app.


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