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How to Reset your iPhone

Sometime you got a wrong software installed into your iPhone and its screen just going black-can't do anything with it. You open its simple manual guide and you will never and ever found how to solve the problems.

Just try this before you try to restore it back (if you restore, maybe you need to unlock it back-really really waste your time). Just reset your iPhone by doing this
  • hold sleeps and home button until your iPhone turn off
  • after 10 second, switch it on
  • works back without loosing any data
This is one of my experience and it works on my iPhone. If you have the same problem, just try it. If there nothing happen, try google other solution.hehehe...


Anonymous said...

wah.. hebat budop2 leni.. lambe je ad iphone.

tak kire la first hand ke 2nd hand. ttp i phone..

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